Early intervention of teen mental illness

Lighting the Way to Teen Mental Wellness

How Can YOu Help If You Don’t Know What The Problem Is?


Is this Typical or Something More?


You know something is wrong. It’s not just “typical teen” behavior. You know this because you know your child better than anyone. 

Perhaps your friends, family, or school, tell you not to worry, he/she will grow out of it. But you know the toll it’s taking on your teen’s life, your family’s life, your life, and you need answers and help…now.

First stop is an all-inclusive screening of symptoms to assess possibilities. Then, we take it further to come as close as possible to the potential diagnosis, which can be used to inform a professional for a formal diagnosis.

Why is this diagnosis so important? Because without an accurate and clear picture of what’s going on, early intervention and correct treatment may not be achieved. And without the right treatment, it can be a long and bumpy road, filled with potholes and detours that make it nearly impossible to arrive at your destination…mental wellness.


Light at the End of the Tunnel

From early symptom “red flags” to finding support and helpful resources for your teen and your family, Wellify Teen is here for you. We aim to teach and enlighten you on symptoms, causes, risk factors, conditions, preventions, and treatments so that you can become your teen’s best advocate. 

It can be difficult to tell the difference between symptoms of mental illness/disorders and normal problems that all teenagers experience from time to time. The key is to examine the nature, intensity, severity and duration of the symptoms. The Wellify Teen app will share insights into your teen’s behavioral health through short videos, articles, and educational materials to help you navigate the twists and turns ahead.


Now Help Is a Touch Away

If your teen is at risk of having a mental health condition, where do you go for help? In the therapy world, one resource does not fit all. The Wellify Teen app was designed to connect you to the right type of help based on the condition of your teen. Not just a long list of national organizations, but help that you can access right now in your own county. Local, vetted resources that align with your family needs and financial situation. 

Don’t have healthcare insurance and can’t afford a provider? Wellify Teen can help with that.

No dead end roads here, only solutions that will redirect to wellness.


Our Mission: Fast Track Time from Symptoms to Correct Treatment


When founder Sally Newson’s daughter was 14-years-old, the first red flags of mental illness began appearing. The journey to get her diagnosed and treated correctly spanned three years of misevaluations, incorrect therapy and counter-beneficial prescriptions.

Throughout this harrowing time, she made herself a promise to help other parents navigate the behavioral health system through a more data-driven screening process and access to resources for early detection and intervention of mental illness and disorders in teens.

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Wellify Teen’s Clinical Team

Wellify Teen is proud to be working with experts and advisors in the fields of adolescent mental illness and suicidality.


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